You can select from the following four settings. This inputs the destination name displayed in the destination list. Document Box] and [7. Open the IPP Configuration page. E-mail Extended Config E-mail Subject List Screen Auto Reset Timer

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Be sure to wait at least 10 seconds after turning off the main power switch before you pfinter the copier back on. E-Mail Extended Config cannot be used when the optional hard disk is not installed.

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Open the Network Setup page. E-mail pop Setup Network Error List Touch the letter keys on konica minolta 7145 printer LCD screen to input the letters. Selecting a Printer According to Output Needs Printers can be selected according to specific output speed or functionality.

Open the Device configuration page. Bizhub c Magenta background MahoganybdMay 1,in forum: The actual time may be somewhat longer or shorter than the time displayed.


When you touch the [ ] or [ ] key, the selection item is switched.

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Raw Port Number Touch the [ ] or [ ] key to mijolta to the input character type screen. I know this konica minolta 7145 printer a color printing forum, but I am at my wits end, and hopefully someone can help List print] key on the [Network setting] screen.

This App allows you to print anything from any devices over the web. Easy output via a wireless LAN without download or install drivers.

To enable NetWare, follow these steps: Password input is necessary to configure settings. Should you wish to reset the copier or controller, turn off the main power supply, wait at least ten seconds, then reboot the power.

Konica Minolta 7145 Instruction Manual

Setting Scanner Functions Protocol Information Will be able to confirm whether each of the following protocols are enabled or disabled. Use [ ] and [ ] to switch the screen. Input the FTP server address, login password, etc.

E-mail Extended Config Registering Destinations Registering destinations for scanned data Operate from the [Scanner mode basic] screen. Select [File Form default] in [Initial setting] mimolta.


Konica Bizhub C dog-earing corners mcdubbApr 24,in forum: Set each setting item to match the environment of the network to which the copier is connected. Using the control panel, enter a time value in seconds between 0 and Touch the konica minolta 7145 printer key.

Scanner Initial Settings File Form default This sets the default for the data storage format konica minolta 7145 printer scanning mode.

Click the Enable IPP check box. I Outline Chapter 3 Inputting Text This chapter explains how to input text for names and descriptions. Do primter change the Port Code unless it is necessary to do so.